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Is this a food thing or an age thing or what?

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A few weeks ago, I decided to try a low-carb diet. I felt good on it and everything was fine. Just a few days ago, I had some stress in my life and I went back to my old eating habits. Now for the past few days, I am having major tummy troubles (i.e. many trips to the bathroom, upset stomach, etc.). I have never really had problems like this in the past before, so I am wondering if adding grains/dairy back into my diet could be affecting me?


Or maybe I'm just getting old...


Thoughts? Could this mean that I have a food sensitivity? If so, why didn't I have problems before I started eating low carb?



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Hmm... I get upset stomachs and intestinal issues just from the stress and anxiety (think IBS). And the results can last for days. Could this be it?


Well, I would think this might be it, but I have had some very stressful times over the past few years and nothing like this happened to my stomach. As a matter of fact, the way I handled my stress over the past few years was to eat, eat, eat junk food (which is why I am trying to do something about this extra weight now!).



I read somewhere (Good Calorie, Bad Calorie? Whole30 blog? somewhere...) that when you eliminate a food that was just a bit of a problem, if you add it back later, it is a much worse problem for you.


I didn't read that book, but parts of his other one (can't think of the name right now). I was trying to remember if I read something like this.


I wonder if there is a true way to know what different foods do to my body, without going to the doctor to be tested. An elimination diet?

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Depending on how long you've been not eating a certain food, the body quits making the enzyme needed to digest said food. There will be a certain amount of upset and discomfort when the food is suddenly reintroduced. The body will again produce the enzyme but it takes a day or two for the levels to fully build up.


If you keep eating the old foods your body will adjust and you'll be fine.

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