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Coursera courses: can one just audit them?

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If you don't do the assignments then you won't get a certificate of achievement- but I don't think it prevents you from viewing the next class. That answer may depend on the particular class.


We took the CS101 class this spring and the closing letter indicated that they were going to work on a plan to make them available for later viewing. But I don't find them anywhere yet.


Udacity classes appear to be available any time- don't know about the assignment completion issue though.

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Finally did find the info on their site. Yes, you can audit, and you can watch the lectures at any time. I'm not interested in getting a certificate for their courses, but was intrigued by the Fantasy/ SF course because I have a Teaching Co lecture series on the same subject by the prof teaching the Coursera course. There's some overlap but a few different texts are covered, and I'd be intrigued to hear those lectures.

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I'm planning for my 16yo to use the Coursera course over the summer and the Teaching Company course over the schoolyear as the basis for her final English credit. There are plenty of readings involved between the two courses and I figure that adding in a couple of papers should take care of the rest of what she needs. She really likes literary analysis and she loves scifi and fantasy, so it should be pretty fun for her.

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