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Ancient Rome book list - x/post


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Please help me assemble a reading list for my ds. We are spending most of our school year on ancient Rome, plus some time on early Christianity, ancient China, and the ancient Celts. The History of Ancient Rome from the Teaching Company is the main resource with added documentaries and movies and one or two research papers.


Here is what I have so far for literature or historical fiction (I'd love to add more literature to this list):


Detectives in Togas

The Bronze Bow

The Eagle of the Ninth

The Lantern Bearers

The Silver Branch

Ben Hur

The Robe

Shakespeare - Julius Caesar (still deciding if I want the original, a play on DVD/movie, or a retelling - I'm thinking a retelling since my ds isn't interested in Shakespeare)



Also I'm thinking of at least excerpts from the following: (any other suggestions)


St. Augustine City of God

Josepheus War of the Jews

The Gallic War - Caesar

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Gibbon

Early Church Fathers


If you have suggestions for ancient Celts, ancient China, or early Christianity I'm :bigear:


Reading level is inconsequential, but I would like to avoid graphic violence and sex.

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