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Best cd for grammar stage memorization?


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Bible: the AWANA sparks cd has all of the verses set to music. Even if you don't do AWANA it could be quite useful. My kids memorized all of their verses very quickly from these CDs


Geography: Sing Around the World Geography Songs. These worked well along with the book. My kids pointed to the countries while they sang the songs. By the end of first grade my son could identify all of the countries in Africa and Europe.


Science: We have a bunch of the Intelli-Tunes CDs: Science, Geography Geology and Meteorology. These are quite fun.


We got all of these cds from sing -n- learn. We have used many more as well.



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Free songs from Singing Science Records - the Experiment Songs and Space Songs are our favourites.

Lyrical Life Science CD's from Lyrical Learning. They come with workbooks, but we don't use those yet.



Geography Songs by Kathy Troxel

Lyrical Earth Science Volume 1 from Lyrical Learning



We enjoy the Themes to Remember materials from Classical Magic although I know that not everyone cares for them.



The Schoolhouse Rock DVD's are fun for Multiplication and they also do Science and Grammar.



Try Poetry Speaks to Children and A Child's Instroduction to Poetry



The pronounciation CD from Prima Latina, although this is not a favourite.



Story of the World CD's.


Have a look at the selections from singnlearn.com/ for more ideas.

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For math we love

Intelli-Tunes SKip Counting CD (see it at songsforteaching.com), here's a post with other ones I considered



Scriptures, someone recommended this here and I like it. We don't use it as a memorization tool but to play for fun. http://www.amazon.com/Bible-Verses-Should-Heritage-Builders/dp/0784714118


I like the Twin Sisters science cds. I've always wondered about the Lyrical science stuff though, that might be worth checking out.


Latin, we have Prima Latina and Lingua Angelica


LA, we have grammar songs by Kathi Troxel (same person who does geography songs), I just haven't used it much yet.


Hope you find what you're looking for, don't forget singnlearn.com and songsforteaching.com have samples! Sometimes ChristianBook.com and Amazon.com do too.

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