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do I really need a food processor (for pie crust and/or tomato soup)?

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I have two recipes I want to make using our bumper crop of tomatoes. The tomato pie recipe (in this month's Southern Living) says to make the pie crust in a food processor. I don't make pies very much, and when I do, I use pre-made graham cracker crusts (which obviously won't work for tomato pie :tongue_smilie:). Is it really that much better to use the food processor? If not, will it be awful to make the crust by hand?


And.... for the tomato soup, it says to food process it, then let it stand for 30 min. then eat (so not hot). I could use my blender for that, correct?


I have gone 30+ years with only a small food processor (few cups) and have done fine. I went on a search through old threads and a lot of people said that food processors are too large and a pain to keep pulling out from storage.



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My grandma would be horrified if she heard I used a processor for pie crusts. She says you can't make anything well if you don't have your hands in it feeling the texture, lol. I have never used a food processor for pie crusts.

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I might go to Goodwill and see if I luck out. Not sure I want to spend $200!


I did go looking, 7-cup, 9-cup, 11-cup, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, B & D, Hamilton Beach, huge variance on amount of liquid you can use, confusion.......

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