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Cultural/Human Geography Living Books

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for. We are doing cultural geography next year and I'm also putting together a list of books to suppliment PAC World Geography:

Material World

What the World Eats

Hungry Planet

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Check out this thread. Posters gave this mom a lot of world lit titles that might give you some ideas.




I'm taking some ideas from this thread. A couple others we'll read are KIte Runner by Khaled Houssini (Afghanistan), Persepolis 1 & 2 (Iran), & a bio on Mother Teresa (India).




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Thanks, ladies. I had read a few books with him lat year and had a really cool list going. We stopped reading and I misplaced the list which I had put together from here!!!! So, I'll make a new list. It's such a broad and interesting topic.

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I would love suggestions as well. We are doing AP Human Geography this coming year. I have a running list (but they are not really suggestions, as I haven't read them all yet.) Opinions on the books listed or other book suggestions would be appreciated. :)




Material World - Menzel

Hungry Planet - Menzel

Why Geography Matters - de Blij

Power of Place - de Blij

Guns, Germs and Steel - Diamond

Collapse - Diamond




What the World Eats - Menzel

What I Eat - Menzel

Omnivore's Dilemma - Pollan

The Birds of Heaven - Matthiessen

Snow Leopard - Matthiessen

Teaching a Stone to Talk - Dillard

Mirage - Barnett

Blue Revolution - Barnett

The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind - Kamkwamba

They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky - Deng

Wild Swans - Chang

Iron and Silk - Salzman

The Kite Runner - Hosseini

Longitudes and Attitudes - Friedman

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