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Intestinal Virus. . . have you had it???

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I felt pretty rough two weeks ago but thought it was due to other factors (we were gone about a month helping with my dear father-in-law who we just lost to cancer.) Came home and DD started having the same symptoms. Took her to the doctor who said an intestinal virus was going around. High fever for littles, bladder spasms for olders. She told us to ride it out. By day three the spasms were so bad the doctor give meds for it.

A week and a half later she is still not better, so the doctor put her on an antibiotic in case it was bacterial instead of viral. Still no change! DD is exhausted, has a headache, stomach hurts, body aches, and is nauseated.

I just spoke to DD's best friend’s mom and she was on her way to the doctor with her DD. Her DD had had the virus about four few weeks ago and thought she was over it.

Anyone else experiencing this???



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All the symptoms your dd is having now are symptoms of dehydration. You may want to make sure that's not an issue.


I had a stomach virus three years ago that made me sick, nauseous and runny, for about six weeks, and very, very tired. Eventually, I ended up at the ER for fluids. It was a couple of months more until I really felt myself. I had samples taken but nothing was ever found and other people we knew had something similar so it was probably viral. But wow. That threw me for a loop.


Right now I'm just getting over a stomach virus that lasted two weeks. I've had headaches, too, but no other symptoms. I was so afraid it wouldn't go away like the last time but, thankfully, it did.


I would get your dd looked at again and you could try to have a stool analysis and bloodwork to be sure it's nothing else. I would make sure that she's taking a probiotic--I like Align because it's helped me twice in this type of situation. You can get in anywhere. I'd also consider something like Ensure if she's not able to eat and even kids vitamins that wouldn't be too hard on the stomach.

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