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Henle latin question

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Personally, for a 10th grader, I'd buy the MODG guide that covers both halves of the book in one year ("Latin I & II"). I haven't looked at the MP guide description in a long time, but my recollection is that it would be very slow, taking three years.


That way, the student could move on to "second year" and "third year" of Latin during high school.


I don't know where else to buy a pronunciation CD - I think there may be another one, but I can't remember where. I bought the Seton CD but have never used it. I think it was only around five bucks

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The MP guide does not cover nearly as much of the book as MODG. So it depends on how much of Henle Latin 1 you want to cover in the first year.


With MODG (2 guides) it will take 2 years for the entire book and 1 year for the next. Not sure about after that. The guide is good--definately more rigorous then MP. Takes at least 30 minutes on a easy day. An hour is more realistic. Dd is very happy with this curriculum. Says she is finally really learning latin but she finds languages very easy.


With MP after 2 years you will be HALF WAY in book 1. That is having done 2 guides. Obviously a much slower pace. But it is good. My son needs slower and is using this. We've actually had to stop and we are supplimenting with Cambridge for the summer. Takes about 15 to 30 minutes per lesson.


My times are per dd so don't hold me to them. I don't have the cd because we did Latina Christina first.

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