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Readers v. Lit for 6th

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I think I am ready to get my 6th grader off of readers with workbooks and into literature for his "reading" work. He used Pathways and most recently CLE reading for the last two years. I am looking at Memoria Press literature (the 5th grade coincides nicely with our history period this year). The only thing stopping me is missing out on some of the teaching he was getting with CLE. Beyond reading comprehension and vocab it includes learning literary devices like figures of speech, story elements like setting, conflict and symbolism, and poetry rhythm and rhyme.


He does read literature on his own (but I haven't required anything more than a quick book report or narration) and we do read-alouds that pair up with our history period, but I'd rather he dive in a little deeper with his novels now.


Any suggestions if you have used either or both or if you know of a separate guide to teach some of these other things?


P.S. He uses Rod and Staff for grammar and poetry has been included there but not the rest that I recall.

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