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A SN/dyslexia consultant for high school -- does this exist?

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In answering the planning thread earlier, I realized that what I need for my 9th grade dyslexic/ADD/LD but smart daughter is some type of consultant -- someone that will help me put together a curriculum that is doable for HER, lay it out for us in steps, and be someone we can be accountable to as the months go along. Possibly even some writing, science or math tutoring in there. Someone to go to for questions.


I know there are things like Kolbe special services department, but I've been saving up curriculum for her for years and in so many instances I want her to use what *I* want her to use because I like it and it seems to be up her alley, YKWIM? So if I've substituted for every book, I can't imaging Kolbe (for example) could help us through, providing tests, etc for a bunch of books that aren't theirs.


I want someone to hold our hands and walk us through this. :tongue_smilie:

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Thank you! There is only one therapist listed for my state (:glare: I know there are more) -- but I think I can ask the woman that did my dd's dyslexia testing a few years ago. She may do something similar or know someone who does.


I'll check out Clonlara too! I didn't realize they had a special needs "department".


I feel silly needing all this hand holding, but I just can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm somehow lying or cheating when I give my dd all sorts of accommodations and then give her an "A" -- I want someone "in the know" to say it's OK and expected to do X, Y, or Z, and to help us make those plans and figure out how to assess her...while still giving her a solid education and preparing her for college. :willy_nilly:


Thanks again!

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Haven't used them myself, but I talked with the head/principal of Bridgeway at the convention this spring and she was VERY on the ball. She really seemed to get creative, capable, bright, alternative kinds of kids. The lesson plans they've put together for materials are all detailed and clear how to use, and they have lots and lots of options, meaning they can pick from things to get it to fit.


Alternately, look at Oak Meadow. Secular, reasonable choices with an artistic, creative bent to the assignments.

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