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Sleep study TONIGHT!

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I went in for my initial consult today and they happened to have an opening for tonight and asked if I would be willing to come in.


I think I know what to expect, but anything you can think of that I need to know?



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Am I going to feel like someone is watching me?


That creeps me out for some reason.


The wires are all connected to a machine and the attendants sit in a control room and monitor it. There might be a small video camera in the room......but not always. It never creeped me out at the time..exhaustion will lead you to just getting help.

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It's not too bad. I have had 3 and the kids each 3.


Bring your own pillow and blanket (i'm very picky!), wear 2 piece pajamas, shower and dont use conditioner before you go.


The camera is not too weird and the techs do not sit there staring at it.


It's uncomfortable but you should sleep just fine.


Are they doing a split night (waking you for cpap after x hours)? If they do, or even if you have to back for a titration study, know that the techs put the masks on way too tight. At first it can feel like you're suffocating, but it gets easy and normal at home.


Can you easiely breathe through your nose while sleeping? I din't and it was really hard trying to sleep with the nose only mask. I got my dr to write for full face and i am good to go.


When you get home tomorrow morning, you'll need a long shower. Don't fight with the gunk in your hair. It comes off with water, so keep soaking until most of the gunk is gone, then shampoo and condition. You could also do conditioner and comb in the shower.


Good luck! You'll do fine.

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My hubby has to have one done within the next few weeks.


We were told that it would look like a hotel room and that he would have wires everywhere to measure his breathing. They'll do half the night without a CPAP (sp?) machine and then half the night with one to see if there's any improvement.


(We found out after his heart attack that he has sleep apnea so this study is a must for him).

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Bring your own pillow and blanket for sure. It's going to feel really weird to have all that stuff glued on. Make sure you get the stuff from your tech to help get all the goopy stuff off. The tech talked about it, but then never ended up giving it to us and we didn't remember until we were home.


Hopefully you'll be in a sleep study center that is more like a hotel instead of in a hospital. The hotel-like places are a lot nicer than the hospitals.

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But someone WILL be at the center all night, correct?




Yes, there will be someone there all night. THey will not be in your room. The most recent one I had, there were 4 or 5 rooms and at least 2 attendants there all night . I could see their station/room set up when I walked in, so I knew they were across the hall. I think there is some kind of call button if you need them.

I felt very comfortable there. They were very reassuring about all the little details.

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Will it be weird to walk in with a suitcase?


Not at all. I think I just carried in a shoulder bag. Only take items you need to get there and back....phone, car keys, DL, etc.


No call button. Not to freak you out any more about the watching- but they have vety sensitive microphones, so if you need the bathroom or anything, just say it.


You dont need anything special to remove the gunk.


Sleep centers will vary with call buttons, (Mine had a button) or not, but you will be able to let them know you need something.

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