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best phonics primer for directional tracking difficulties

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can anyone recommend a phonics primer for a child struggling with directional tracking? We are currently using phonics pathways and there just doesn't seem to be enough instruction on blending. my daughter has no problem with each letter sound in a word, but when she goes to blend she often starts with the ending sound. I am trying to be patient but am wondering if perhaps there is a better resource for teaching her. is it common for this concept to take a while to click for new readers?



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While I do not know of any phonics programs that actually help with visual tracking, I can quickly offer our experience.

My DD at age 4 and 5 (9.5 now and reading 8th and 9th grade level) had difficulty with visual tracking and it was only because she was so dramatically 'behind' her twin brother with reading that I took her to a developmental eye specialist. (pediatrician thought I was being over zealous) She did indeed have a VT problem! I cannot remember the name of the program he gave us, but it had TONS of visual tracking exercises and after several months of hard work, things improved tremendously.

I also at the time did some research about dyslexia and learned that with phonics instruction, (vs whole language) many cases of dyslexia would 'resolve' or be simply prevented. From our experiences, I have to agree. I am sorry I do not have any links, or lit to quote. I just saw your post and wanted to reply. Good luck, stay patient and positive. It is simple repetition over and over and over again!

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