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Colorado Springs is on fire.

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The Waldo Canyon fire came down the mountain about 2 hours ago, city side. Tens of thousands are being evacuated. Structures are burning. It's in a highly populated area. We're about 2 miles south of mandatory evacuations, but can't leave because of congestion. We're packed and ready to go, though.


Please pray. The firefighters are having to retreat.


ETA: We've been evacuated.

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Does anyone know exactly where Satori is located? I know she's in Colorado somewhere.


I'm pretty sure Satori is up north of Boulder, so she's hours from our Co Springs fires. But someone posted on the "Great Scott!" thread that a fire or two has broken out near Boulder, too. So I guess I'm not much consolation, am I?


This is scary. We are on the east side of the Springs but b/c we used to live on the west side, we know loads of families over there, right on Flying W and just east of it.


I'm praying for you, Courtney!!


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Courtney--any further updates? KKTV hasn't updated since five hours ago. This is so freaky!


BTW, we are almost to Powers Blvd, so WAY east, and you can smell smoke as soon as you open an outside door. Is it super smokey where you are?




Visibility is about a mile, maybe. We're about 1/4 mile south of evacuations.

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Praying.... This is truly scary.


Apparently large embers are being carried miles away by the wind (across the freeway), so even those of us on the north/east side of town aren't necessarily safe. We've been hosing down the area around our house just in case. It was smoky out here in Black Forest this afternoon - it's better now, so the winds must have shifted again.


My mom lives just a few miles from Garden of the Gods, so she may still need to evacuate tonight (I told her to come out now but she doesn't want to leave unless she has to).

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In 2000, part of my hometown burned. My parents evacuated for over a week, but their house was spared.


Last summer, the town was evacuated again. Mom was moved to a nursing home 100 miles away for several weeks until the smoke cleared.


The western U.S. is scary during dry summers!

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Aren't there a lot of Christian ministries there like Focus on the Family? How are they doing?


Focus on the Family is east of I-25 and pretty far north, so it should be OK.


I don't know about other ministries. The Navigators aren't in a good spot. Their Glenn Eyrie conf center was evacuated on Saturday (I think). WYAM is west of I-25 very close to the houses they are showing burning right now on TV, so they are not in a good spot either. I think Compassion International is farther north, but might be in the evacuation zone, so I don't know.


Those are all I can think of.


This is freaky--we know a bunch of families who have been evacuated.



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