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Why does something so easy take so long to figure out?!

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Ds has had this random rash on his belly for as long as i can remember. I don't like brushing it off as sensitive skin without finding the cause.


Last week, the geneticist throws out nickel allergy and that jeans would sit right by that rash. Prior to genetics, i don't know when he had worn jeans, bur i made sure he has not worm them since.


His belly is perfectly smooth and normal color today!


I am going to put him in jeans next tuesday if he is clear from now until then, to at least confirm an issue with jeans. I will ask his dr if confirmation of an actual allergy is important, or if we just avoid nickel.


This kid has seen too many drs (including allergists!) to keep track of and not a single one thinks to mention nickel or metal allergies?!


With my insane research into his issues, how in the world did *I* not think of this?!

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At least you are figuring it out now...that is a good step in the right direction.


I don't know if it works for jeans, but for jewelry many people coat earring with clear finger nail polish before wearing so they don't break out from the nickel in them.

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It IS the jeans!


He wore jeans for a little while yesterday and slept in a pair (no clue why he slept in them) and he has the start of a rash on his belly that has been perfectly clear and smooth.


Whether or not this rash is nickel related, i know it has to be something in the metal of the jeans.


His jeans are going today, and i will only get him earrings from the tattoo shop (owner has metal allergies).


He has never had a rash on his wrist, so i guess his medic alert bracelet is fine.

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I know what you mean. I have dragged my youngest to all kinds of specialists, family drs, peds, a nutrionist, and so forth for his eating/growth issues. Basically we COULD NOT get him to eat so he wasn't growing. After getting sick MYSELF (and after researching MYSELF because no dr suggested this to me) and going off sugar, I took my kids off sugar. Guess what? He ate like a horse and is eating things I would've never thought he'd like. He gained 6 lbs in about 3 months, after gaining a couple of pounds a year for forever. Eating can still be an issue, but not nearly what it was, not even close. Why didn't ONE person say "Cut out sugar"? I mean, I didn't let him have junk IN PLACE of meals, but they were telling me to bribe him to eat three bites so he could have a pudding. When the pudding went in the trash, he would eat the WHOLE PLATE of food. Seriously?!


At least you know NOW that he has this allergy and can be proactive. Are there other allergies that typically present with a nickel allergy? I would be looking into that next.

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