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Popcorn for breakfast?  

  1. 1. Popcorn for breakfast?

    • Yes, go for it! No real diff btwn popcorn and toast.
    • No! Bad example for the kids.
    • Have chocolate instead.
    • Other

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I want popcorn for breakfast.


It's gluten free. :D


Trying to convince myself that it's probably not the best example to be setting for the kids...esp since I don't consider popcorn worth eating unless it has butter and salt on it.


But...is there that big a diff btwn toast w/butter and popcorn for breakfast? :D

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Other....different than toast....but if I wanted it, I would eat it.


I don't think it really matters what time of day it is. If it is a food you would normally eat, and it isn't ALL you are going to eat for the entire day, go for it.

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As a special 1 time silly breakfast? go for it. Plan for a boiled egg or something mid-morning because you will be starved again by then.


I don't usually eat breakfast foods, I don't really like them. This morning for breakfast I am eating left over ribs. If I can eat ribs for breaky you can eat popcorn.

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