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Advice on amazon used book purchase please

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I purchased a copy of rod and staff grammar 3 from silver arch books on amazon. The description said that it was in good condition, bright pages and no markings. Almost every page is marked, many in pen, with quite a few of the exercises completed in the book in pen. I was prepared to let it go and started going through and erasing all the pencil marks until I found the answers written in pen. It is not so bad that it's unusable (just of course the exercise written in pen or colored pencil unless we do them on the white board, but I shouldn't have to do that), but I am disappointed.

Do I contact the seller and let them know, or just leave an appropriate review? I've never had a problem before and don't know the best way to handle it.

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Yes, contact them. Many sellers will give you a refund without the hassle of returning the book. I've gotten things that were "less than" from some of the big sellers, but they've always been very accommodating to fix it. The only problem I've ever had that wwasn't fixed was from a small, new seller, selling off her old college textbooks. She listed it "like new" when it should have been good or acceptable, then justified it by saying, "well, it is a used book, after all." She was only going to offer e refund if we returned the book. But class had already started so that wasn't an option for us. DH needed it! Everyone else has always bent over backwards to fix a problem, usually refunding, sometimes sending another. Just let them know.

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