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Glutton for punishment?

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Are you happy? I mean, are you happy with everything you do or do you feel you NEED to do everything but feel bad about it?


I found some really great products that I am ok with buying. Take the Tuscan Marinara from Trader Joe's for example. That stuff is so delicious!! And it's cheaper than a jar of GOOD quality tomatoes. I buy a case at a time. Or bread. I keep a few loaves of good quality in the freezer incase I don't bake.


I do the things that make me happy and I can afford, and also that pay for themselves in some way. I just do not wish to do things that make me feel miserable and tired all the time.

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Well, I do about half of the items on your list... I do them because I feel that there's value in them and they're important to me. When my priorities change, I adjust - sometimes that means I stop doing certain things.


Sounds like your plate is more than full. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate what's truly important and worth your time and energy? :)

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If it feels like punishment to you, find another alternative.


:iagree: Nothing terrible is going to happen if you buy cloth diapers or get your eggs and veggies from the Farmers' Market. I mean, doing it your way is fine too, but if it's causing you so much stress, maybe you should reevaluate your list.

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