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1/2 of an amazing set for History-recommend highly

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I found volume 1 of this set today. Been cruising through it, it is just excellent.


Obviously, this is a 2 volume set, and when the time comes, I'll need to buy the second half of this if I can find it.


I wanted to put this out there because it really, really fleshes out a part of American US/Presidential History that is highly unique.


If anyone is doing a long term, graduated study on the Presidential histories, I just couldn't recommend this more. Excellent, permanent reference collection set.


The appeal for me here was the timeline format, sequential, the cast of characters & personalities that show up in it. We'll be working with this title this summer as we progress along our crash course, but it's definitely in my top ten must buy and haul around for the rest of my life type print.

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