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A wwyd. Drunk driving kid.

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Every now and then I get on my dd's twitter account and poke around. She knows I have her password and is fine with it.


Some of the kids she follows are classmates but not friends. They have tons of followers because they are wild and say and do outrageous things. Sort of like watching a train wreck.


So I just looked at it, and here's what one girl posted:

How i drove to m**** is unbelieveable....... Im soo drunk lololololol


This is a town about 40 miles away. She is 16, has a terrible reputation, and has tweeted numerous times about driving drunk. She has been in trouble with the law before. I don't know this girl at all, although I have met her and her mother at a school function before. She has a terrible home environment, and her mother knows and doesn't care that she drives drunk. The father is not involved.


This just sickens me. I have no idea what kind of car she drives, a license plate number or anything like that. My dd is away at camp and wouldn't know anyway.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'd call the nonemergency police line and ask if there is anything they can do.




Give them her twitter handle.


It's not that you want to get her in trouble, but more along the lines of saving lives. You never know who she may hit on one of her drunk driving runs.

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There is really nothing you can do other than make sure your kiddo doesn't get into a car with her.


You've less than nothing for the police to go on. No vehicle description. Just a name and possibly a home address and quite possibly a tweet posted for shock value rather than truth.

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I agree with Parrothead to a point. Whether or not the police get involved is probably highly dependent upon the area in which you live. CPS could get involved possibly, again propbably dependent upon your area the speed in which they do so and what they do. Let's face it, if the OP is in NYC, CPS is pretty darn busy and a potential drunk 16 year old is not a high priority.


If I were the OP, I would eliminate these kids from my any contact with my DD. None of you need to know about illegal activity. And as you said, these kids have followers because they are so out there. Take away the audience as much as you can.


I would make it totally and absolutely clear to my children that they are NEVER to get into a car driven or occupied by any of these kids and I would be discussing it with the parents of the other kids that my kids and/or I were close to. And I would be discussing defensive driving techniques with my kids. This is an excellent time to teach your kids that the car coming towards you may be driven by an imparied driver.


And I would be considering calling the school. These are kids that need to be watched more closely. I don't agree with the schools that have been more intrusive lately into kids' private lives but in cases like this, I like the idea of more eyes on these particular kids.

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