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LA's components - what frequency do you schedule for your 3rd grader?


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It is pretty much what I was going to suggest.


Here's what my rising 3rd grader will do this fall:


IEW's poetry memorization: 5 days/week

Phonics Pathways: 5 days/week (he should finish this before Christmas)

Writing With Ease: 5 days/week (this may change once I have the book in hand)

Pathway Readers: 4 days/week

First Language Lessons 2: 3 days/week (grammar portions only)

Explode the Code: 2 days/week (this counts as spelling)

Handwriting Without Tears: 2 days/week (unless he finishes this summer)



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Here is what I am doing with my 3rd grader:


SWR--1 list per week but we are filling out the charts and doing activities with the words so that we really study them.


Grammar--everyday but I am using the Ruth Heller books and we will read through one a month and fill out notebook pages/worksheets/charts to make a grammar reference book.


Composition--we are doing lapbooking and learning how to write sentences and paragraphs. We may start working on the Narrative form of the progymnasmata but I am waiting for her to be ready and her penmanship skills to catch up to her composition skills. We would do 1 paper every 1 to 4 weeks.


Reading--she can read and I have her read whatever she wants on her own because the goal is enjoyment at this point.:001_smile:

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Here's what I have planned -


Spelling: one session per day, five days a week. We use All About Spelling. This is one of her overall weakest areas.


Handwriting & Copywork: again, five days a week. This is HWT for practice plus copywork that I come up with. This is the other weakest area. (My mom has a background in LD/SpEd, and says if she were in school, we'd probably want to pursue a diagnosis for an LD in written expression, but since she's not, we just work a little harder on it!)


"Actual" Writing: we won't be starting this for at least a couple of months into the schoolyear... the plan is either three or four days a week depending on which program I finally decide upon.


Grammar: Three or four days a week - Growing with Grammar Grade 3 at first and then she'll move into the Grade 4 book.


Reading: Approx. 30 minutes to an hour of reading daily, first the 'required' title for that week, then her pick from a big stack of 'extra' books.

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Writing: CW Aesop A, 4-5 days per week, with A&I one week and the writing project the next.


Grammar: GWG3, 3 days per week, with a 4th for overflow or editing practice.


Spelling: AAS2, 4 days per week, with 1 step/lesson each week.


Reading: various, 4 days per week to work on fluency and comprehension, plus other reading every day for fun.


Handwriting: HWOT Cursive, 4 days per week since she's just starting this.

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We rotate spelling and grammar and only do one each year or semester.


And I wouldn't do both editing and grammar each day, only one or the other should be enough.


So you could do reading and writing everyday.

Then for your fall semester you could alternate editing/grammar and next spring do spelling.

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