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ETC alone?


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Does anyone use just ETC for teaching reading/phonics?


I have a 4 yr old. Back in the fall right before he turned 4 I started doing some OPGTR with him which he HATED. But it certainly could have been that he was too young (1st child, overexcited mother syndrome). I backed off the reading with him and we continued doing lots of reading aloud and a loose letter of the week thing.


Then recently he started to "sound out" words. I think mostly they were words he knew what they were going to say...we were reading Go Dog Go and he did Big Dog. But still, it seemed that he was reading to do more with reading. So we got out some ETC books I had bought awhile ago and he seems to be liking it and is doing pretty well. We're going super slowly...we're on week 2 of Lesson 1 in Book 1...but that's fine with me.


Anyway, I have the teacher's book for ETC and have been doing extra things and not just the workbooks. My question is do I need to add in something else at some point...what would OPGTR or another source add to the picture? If we did OPGTR I would probably just write the words on a whiteboard or something as I think it was mostly too much writing on the page for him to handle.


Sorry that got long. If you read it all the way through, thanks! If you have advice, thanks even more. :)

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Primary Phonics


This is from the same publisher (EPS) as Explode the Code. There are sets of story books with corresponding workbooks and I am finding that these story bools create amazing reading confidence. I find them to be MUCH better than the Bob Book series that many people start out with with their little ones.


I am currently using both Primary Phonics books and their workbooks with ETC. My boys love both!

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