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NL, BJU, or RSO for science?


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I'm having trouble deciding between these 3 picks for next year. I definitely want to study some weather, rocks, and space. We love to do lots of hands-on. Colorful pictures or engaging text would be nice. I also like having lessons somewhat planned out and relatively open and go. I don't do very well if I have to find a lot of supplies and books and schedule them all out myself.


For NL, we would go with level 3. The samples look good and I like how it has everything ready to go. I also like that it includes some study skills and has the child drawing. The price tag scares me a bit. I don't want to spend that money and then not like it. We also haven't gone through the previous levels, but have covered quite a few of the topics.


For BJU, I actually already own it, but just had a hard time getting to it this past year on a regular basis. The variety of the topics is nice and there is a good deal of hands-on. I'm not wild about the workbook that comes along with it, it seems more like busy work than actual science. I would purchase the supply kit for it in the hopes that it would help us get to science on a more regular basis.


For RSO I would go with the Earth science and also the kit that would go with it. I like that it is more story based and has a lot of hands on, but I worry about them not working correctly. It also would be somewhat cheaper than the NL option.

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I just bought the RSO earth & space, though I didn't look for the kit. I'm just planning to buy as I go along, using the lab supply list in the beginning of the book. They have an asterisk next to any out of the ordinary supplies, such as binoculars and a triple beam balance. There is a "try before you buy" link on the pandia press website if you want to see what it will be like. From what I have seen so far, it is very hands on. There are one or more experiments for each week, and journaling is suggested. I'm excited to get started with my dd,7, soon. I'll be happy to look through the text & answer any specific questions you may have.




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