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x-post: Anyone used VP Grammar & Writing on-line?

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Just realized I had the original post on the logic stage board and thought it should probably be here.


I'm considering the Veritas Press Grammar & Writing on-line class. It is a little pricey but we're willing to spend the $$$ if it is a solid course with good instructors. We've been happy with the self-paced history classes - but this is quite different.


Anyone used these online classes? Would love some feedback before spending big bucks.


Writing is the one area that I'm not confident about. The kids are doing the IEW summer class online which is fine so far. I think I really need to have them doing something similar when we start again in the fall. Here are the options I am considering;


VP Grammar & Writing on-line


IEW on-line + Hake Grammar



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I know this post is from a while ago... but just in case there are some parents looking at registering for Veritas Press Scholars classes this month I wanted to give a little review.


We LOVE the VP Grammar & Writing I class. It was very challenging but there is no way I could have provided the same level of learning in these subjects as his amazing teacher at Veritas. I felt like giving up for the entire first month and really didn't think we could catch up and be "at level" with the kids who had done Shurley Grammar before level 4. We had some grammar from Phonics Road, but it was taught differently. But after that first month, my son (who is boy through and through and was not at all the type to sit down and write anything without me prompting him) thrived in that environment and eagerly prepared for his class times. There is a decent amount of homework, just fyi. The other students were (and are) sweet and well mannered. Making friendships via the forums at Veritas and Skype. Worth every penny. We've already signed up for next years' level 2 class. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to message me. Also, if anyone has opinions about the Grammar Latin Level 1 Class I'd love it hear. :)


Highly recommend!

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Our son took the writing transitions class online this past year and we couldn't be happier...well, you know what I mean. He didn't have experience with Shurley grammar and I was a little worried about where his writing skills were at. He learned a lot and prepared very well for his class, his teachers were great too. This year he is registered for composition. I think the transitions class was just what he needed in the areas of grammar and writing.

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