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eBay Sellers, can I pick your brain, please?

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I used to sell on eBay but haven't been active on there in close to 10 years. For a while I kept up with the changes, but eventually gave up. I never figured I'd go back.


I find myself in a situation where I need to sell a lot of stuff as quickly as possible and it's looking like eBay is probably my best bet. I have several things posted on Craig's List but not much interest (though several people have been no shows lately).


I've been reading through some of the seller help pages and browsing a few of the seller forums but if someone can give me some been there, done that advice, I'd really appreciate it.


I'll mostly be selling books with some toys/games and just misc. No clothes, jewelry or anything like that.


My main questions right now are: What length auctions is the best? And is there a certain day/time when it's better to have them end?


Thanks in advance,


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