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OLLY question


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This will be my first year using a computer-based scheduling program. I have briefly looked for a certain answer, but cannot find it. Maybe someone knows?


Does OLLY allow me to apply a previous year's schedule to a different student. Say I have a 1st grader and I want to apply their older sibling's schedule of work when they were in 1st grade to my new first grader. Is there some kind of auto-fill feature, or would I have to re-enter everything again?


If OLLY does not do this, does anyone know of a scheduler that does?



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I think you can't just have the entire schedule just work for the new child, but all the lesson plans and courses are saved, so all you have to do is reassign them to the younger child. The auto-assign feature is pretty powerful, so unless your scheduling is really bizarre it should be able to do the new schedule quickly.

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