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looking for new kitchen table and chairs

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I want to get a new kitchen table and chairs. I would like a round table no larger than 48" in diameter that seats four. Probably a pedestal? Chairs and table don't have to match. I saw some seagrass chairs paired with a round table at Pottery Barn, but their stuff seems overpriced to me.


Suggestions on brands, designs? Anything? I am open to suggestions. My mil has a table with a tile top. Not an outdoor table, just a kitchen table with a tile top.


Any favorite brands, stores, etc? Could you post pics of things you like?



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We just got a new dining set from samsclub.com.


Many of the sets are sold elsewhere under different names for more money, so do check prices & look at pics at more than one site.


This is the set we got (Shipping added about $100):




The same set (for over $500 more) at wayfair.com:



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I appreciate the suggestions. This is for a new home we are moving into. We will probably take our old one to use for awhile before we buy. I had looked at the Sam's website.


Dh says he doesn't want a counter height table, but they seem to be very popular.


Hmm. I will keep thinking and looking. We don't really have too many furniture stores from which to choose.

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I realize there are many variables, but can someone give me an idea of how much it costs to move? We are moving about thirty minutes away. We have a lot of large furniture items including a grand piano. I suppose it is what it is.


Unfortunately, we have a lag time between when we close on our current house and when we can move into our (new construction) new house of about three weeks. Thankfully, we have found furnished, temporary housing and someone to take care of our dogs. But the moving company will have to store our stuff for us for awhile as well.


My understanding is that a moving company will not move anything that they have not packed. Is that true? We have done full packing moves before, but on a corporate move, so I really have no idea what to expect when I receive estimates. Would rather here the bad news/sticker shock here first so I don't spew coffee in the guy's face on Wednesday morning when he gives me a bid.

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Based on your avatar, and, therefore, my assumptions of your tastes, I would place you in the MacKenzie Childs family







I am familiar with her (?) stuff, and I have a friend who absolutely adores it! While I can appreciate it, it is really not my cuppa at all. I am very neutral. NOT boring! Let's say pretty traditional. Or classic. Not exactly minimalist, but I don't like busyness or clutter. I will say, however, that my clothing choices are MUCH more lively than my interior choices. :D

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