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Desperate for a couple of good bOOkshelves...

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Last time I got desperate for a bra I found some at Walmart that I actually like. They fit well, give good shape, and have just enough padding to not let anything show through a t-shirt. Two problems. They have a little pillow thing at the bottom. While I love the way it supports my post-nursing bOOks, we are moving to the tropics and it will be way too hot for that extra padding. Also, they are very cheap and already starting to fall apart even though I am careful and air dry them.

So where can I go to find a bra where they will actually measure me and help me find something that works well? I don't know my size now since I am done nursing, and I'd like to find something that actually fits. I hate bra shopping. I usually just go to Walmart or Target and try on several until I get tired of trying them on and then choose the best of a lot of poor choices. I need something with just enough padding or stretch or whatever to prevent the headlight look, but I'm not interested in increasing bOOk size. I'm probably somewhere in the 32/34 B or C range.

Any suggestions?

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Go to Victoria's Secret. They will discreetly measure you in the dressing room and give you styles you prefer (like non-padded) to try on. They will give you a card with all of your favorite styles marked on it so you can go home and buy the ones you like on clearance at their website (or wait for a good sale). And the bOOkshelves last for-ev-er. I have never had one fall apart, wear out, or have a wire poke through. I am sure that since I am done having babies (and nursing) I will eventually wear some out, but I haven't yet. And they are sooooo comfortable.

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I worked as a fitter for a long, long time. Ask the folks before they fit you how they were trained, how long they've been doing it.


Finding the perfect bra fitter is amazingly as difficult as finding the perfect hairdresser.


I don't know if the girls at VS have formal training or not, but it sure is worth hunting one down. There's a lot to that art. Good luck with it!

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Macy's, VS or Cacique - We love the Spanx bOOkshelves around here. They're pricey but so comfortable and supportive that they're worth every penny. My dd16 wears the Assets bOOkshelf from Target (also made by Spanx) and she likes that one, too. It's about half the price of the original Spanx. Cacique will measure you; some Macy's will, too--I don't know if they all do.


Once you know your size, you might check Marshall's or TJ Maxx. They have some of the nicer brands at a discount.

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