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Need Reviews please for 12th Grade- Before I throw out SL Govt-help me decide please?

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Does anyone have anything good to say about any of the SL Government/Civics books? I see a lot of threads but with so many different views presented it is still baffling me what I might do.


DD is going to be in 12th grade and has already done the HSLDA Con Law course and will be also be doing TPS Economics this coming year likely with Dave Ramsey personal finance as well- I do not want/need to overlap. I think she will just need to go over overall basic government, right?


Here are some options I am considering;


1. I could weed down the SL course and just do the Gov/Civics section, perhaps adding a book or two of my choosing. The Basic American Government has good topics listed-did anyone like this- it would seem to fill the need on its own-but see non-specific negative reviews- can anyone digress? The other main books would be Never Before In History and maybe adding in National Bestseller.....We Still hold These Truths; Rediscovering our principles recovering our Future. I own all these now.


2. I am considering A Noble Experiment, but would like more specific reviews regarding his thinking/style. Also how long per day and full year or half- would like half. This needs to be done on her own, without my time.


3. TPS course using Erich Pratt (sp) Recipe for Freedom. I believe this is a one semester course, so she would do economics first semester and this second semester. It looks good but need reviews.



Her twelfth grade schedule is starting to get heavy and with college apps looming am trying to avoid that. Here is what we have on schedule thus far;


TPS Creative Writing

TPS Spanish 2

TPS Economics first semester

Red Wagon Physics

Ramsey finance/consumer math

Patrick Henry Theology I-----not sure about this maybe semseter 2 and have college apps scheduled- hmmm maybe different post on this. :tongue_smilie:


As always I cannot wait to hear your reviews,



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Not sure of the grade level on this but there is a fair amount of civics info on this site, broken into units. It is geared toward younger students but could be used for basic information:




There is also the Hillsdale College constitution class which they have been offering at no charge.


Econ tie-ins: John Stossel dvds - good for discussions. http://stosselintheclassroom.org/


I also received an email on a pre sale for this dvd from the folks that brought you Visual Latin -- Economics for Everybody:




I am in the process of trying to put together econ and civics for a senior also and have a lot of things rolling around in my head at this point.

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