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Thank goodness for gluten-free bread,

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I do, indeed.


Now for a completely practical question, as we move into tomato sandwich season: what kind of GF bread did you use? Because I prefer mine, traditionally, on squishy white bread, but my GF bread is normally whole grain and not particularly squishy.

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Trader Joes has the Rudis or Udis, whatever it's called for around $4.00. I don't buy it all the time, but just for emergencies, like tomato sandwiches. :D The same bread at Whole Foods is $6.00. It's not horrible, and it will do in a pinch when you really need bread- like for the ultimate grilled sandwich of all time:


Honey mustard spread on the inside of the bread,

filled with canadian bacon, baby spinach and pepper jack cheese

grilled to a crisp with butter in a pan


To. Die. For. :drool:

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Pamela's makes a mix that I order in bulk and make in the breadmaker. DH thinks it's so good he craves it (and he can still eat wheat!). Also, otherwise perfectly behaved dogs have been known to steal it off of the kitchen counter. It does have bean flour in the mix though, so take my advice and don't eat it the day before you have to sit in close quarters.

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Udi's bread is well liked by the whole family. I think it is a little dry for sandwiches. But then I don't eat a sandwich unless it is like today, too hot to even contemplate standing over the stove.


I agree that gluten-free bread is a help. Sometimes I just have to have toast with honey.

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