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Who is 100% settled on their plan for 2012/13 ?

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I would totally be doing Calvert if we hadn't joined a co-op two years ago that requires a lot of time away from home.


8th grade:

Math: Foerster Algebra I with Math without Borders teaching CDs

History: Pandia Press History Odyssey II Early Moderns (with a 6 week hiatus for our state's history course...high school grad req.)

Science:APEX online (offered through our co-op and we need a broad science background/ vocab before high school)

World Language: ASL 102 (co-op; hs/college credit)

Literature: Mix between Lightening Literature and co-op middle school class

Composition: rolled into ASL, middle school class, LL and History (specific goals include persuasive writing, outlining and some sentence level tricks)





Free reading (1 hour per day)

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My dyslexic dd is starting 9th grade. My plans are:


Hewitt's Conceptual Physics - I'll teach this as a class with other students (have maybe 2 others so far).


finish MUS Algebra I and then move on to MUS Geometry with Patty Paper Geometry - Math is her biggest struggle area right now.


Movies as Literature - I'm hoping this will work well for her. She really hates to read anything that would normally be used for literature.


Spelling Power - We've been using this for the past several years. She is up to the 8th grade level now. I don't know if we'll keep it going beyond 9th grade.


I still haven't figured out whether we'll be using Oak Meadow US History (already own it) or Hippocampus US History. I really liked OM US History, but I know that if we use it, I will end up needing to read it to her because anything of that type that she reads means nothing to her. She can read it just fine, but she can't understand what she read afterwards (doesn't have that problem with novels). Hippocampus has free online videos for each lesson. I wouldn't have to be involved at all. I really need that.


We'll start Visual Link Spanish I for foreign language. I already own this too. She doesn't really want to learn any language, but at least this would be easy to do.


She will continue with private guitar, banjo, and voice lessons and with group sewing classes.

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Dyslexic 6th grader here too. We're going with the readalouds, copywork, narrations, dictation exercises, timelines, mapwork, and schedules of Ambleside Online Year 4. This will cover History, Science, Geography, Literature, Reading, & Writing


Math: Saxon 65 and 76, but we do have TT7 on hand as well in case Saxon is a bust.

Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary: Wordly Wise, Spelling Skills 5 & 6, Simply Grammar

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Nature Study: Outdoor Hour Challenge blog

Extras: Show Choir, CCD, Weekly field trips/tour/classes


I'm feeling confident and ready. Ambleside has always worked well with him. But this year I have to stick more to a set schedule and I need to make sure I prepare the lessons ahead of time instead of the morning of :blushing:. I'm also going to incorporate a lot more art projects, science experiments, and a history book of centuries to go with what we're learning about. The more hands-on, the better for ds.

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This is it. I have struggled, and this is it for 7th grade.

Language Arts

Spelling -- Megawords 2

Reading -- Historical Fiction for Ancients

Writing -- IEW with tutor

Grammar -- Winston Grammar Basic with Easy Grammar punctuation and Abeka Oral Language Lessons

Vocab- English from the Roots up flash cards



pre-algebra, McDougal Littell classroom text with supplementation



Pandia Press lev 2 Ancients with k12 Human Odyssey Vol 1 supplement



McDougal Littell Life Science w/Kym Wright Microscope Unit and labs (I gave up CPO)



trumpet with intermediate band



Memoria Press Vol 2 & 3 and Westminster Shorter Catechism review

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My dyslexic son is entering 3rd grade and here's what we will be doing:


Reading and spelling - Barton Levels 5 and 6 (and we'll keep going depending on how he does), and hopefully he'll actually start reading books on his own as well

Writing - WWE 2

Grammar - GWG 3

Handwriting - HWT (finish up printing), Cursive Writing Made Easy

Logic - Logic Countdown

Math - Singapore 3

History and Science - CTT

Geography - Evan Moor Daily Geography Practice

Art - Artistic Pursuits


Whew, it seems like a lot, but many of these are 5-10 minutes a day type items which is good for his short attention span.

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My son is 7 and a rising 2nd-grader in public school.


I am going to be working on fluency at his current level (end-of-1st-grade) and doing a lot of read-alouds.


His weak areas are reading, spelling, and handwriting; I have decided to focus on reading and following his interests, and put less emphasis on spelling and handwriting. For now, anyway.

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Verticy by Calvert for my dyslexic 8th grader!


Reading and Spelling-farmed out to a professional while doing everything I can to help!:001_smile:


History-U.S.-lots of movies, hands on, timeline, adding a election year lapbook!


Science-lots of hands on, brain pop, discovery education, anything lego education I can get my hands on, Disney Science Series, Bill Nye the Science guy!


Math-Vericy 7th grade :001_huh::confused: Can't believe that he tested a year behind!


Lit-Verticy- Movie Day after reading the books!


Grammar/Comp-finish green level and on to red-with help from tutor


Getting this kid to realize that technology can be your friend!


Electric Guitar lessons, youth group, 4-H, engine class(maybe), YMCA, sign language in the fall at community education, monthly co-op for art & PE, weekly bowling for hs's!


Going to spend the next few weeks going over curriculum when it gets here to see where I can add hands on ect. I'm sure I am going to drive the counslor at Calvert crazy before we start!:D I WILL be getting my money worth:lol:


Not sure about 6th grader yet? :tongue_smilie:

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Here's mine for my 12 year old, dyslexic, musical child:


math- tt pre-alg

history/lit/writing - CHOLL logic-stage ancients and book reviews online

spelling- apples & pears B

science - apologia gen sci with audio

vocabulary - wordly wise 6

grammar - shurley 7


Plus, she will be taking 7 credits at the community college in the fall in music.


Robin in nj

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Here is my 6th graders plans:


Math: Saxon 6/5

Grammar: Hake 6/EM daily paragraph editing

Writing: WWS

History: HO Ancients Level II w/ K12's HO book 1 as supplement

Lit: MP Lit guides

Spelling: EM Daily SPelling

Science: k12's Earth Science 6th grade

Vocab: cross curriculm

Art: co-op

Latin: FFL

Other: EM daily reading Comprehension, Outlining skills, notetaking & researching skills workbooks

Free Reading

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Dh and I just finished going through this last night and this is what we've decided on. He didn't have much interest in what curricula I picked at first (his thinking was that whatever we use will be better than ps), but he's actually been really helpful and made some of the big decisions for me. It's amazing how differently we think about our kids' abilities.


Of course, suggestions and comments are always appreciated. :bigear:


8th Grade

Lial Introductory Algebra

Derek Owens Physical Science

History of the Ancient World

Analytical Grammar

Time4Writing 8-week essay course

Excellence in Literature I

Galore Park French 1


6th Grade

AoPS Pre-algebra

Real Science 4 Kids Biology, Physics, Astronomy

& Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

History of the Ancient World

Grammar, Practice and Essay Voyage

Time4Writing 8-week essay course

Caesar's English 1&2

Lightning Literature 8


4th Grade

Math Mammoth 4A & 4B

Singapore Challenging Word Problems 3

Real Science 4 Kids Biology, Physics, Astronomy

Story of the World 1

Sentence Island, Grammar, Practice and Paragraph Town

Caesar's English 1


3rd Grade

Math Mammoth 3A & 3B

Singapore Challenging Word Problems 2

Real Science 4 Kids Biology, Physics, Astronomy

Story of the World 1

Barton Reading and Spelling

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Yep, based on what the tutor recommended. I would have ditched Grammar/Comp but she said she is familiar with it and has used it with her students. After he completes level green and starts with red she will swap out some content and add some using Language Circle. I will keep you posted as how it goes!

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