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Is it too early...

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to get excited about school supplies? YAHOO!!!!


What is your favorite brand of pencils, crayons, markers? What is the highest or lowest price you will pay for them during July and or August?


I personally love Ticonderoga pencils etc. I really need a pencil sharpener that works this year, any suggestions?


Happy Shopping,


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School supplies ARE fun.


My youngest dd is like me; she doesn't like the work, but the trappings are downright fun.


I also like the Ticonderoga pencils. I get mine at Costco and they are all sharpened and in a plastic 1 liter beaker and look so ready for service there. We have a Staples brand sharpener that has lived for one year. It replaced an Expo brand sharpener (I think) that died immediately (as did its replacement).


For markers, I like Crayola much better than Rose Art. Lasts longer. And I like Expo Low Odor for the dry erase board.


I'm cheap though, and buy binders at the thrift store on half-price day. I think we have about a dozen empties right now.

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My daughter LOVES the "My first ticonderoga". She just plain has an easier time holding them and writing with them without the leads breaking. I love the fact that she can sharpen them down to a stub that's just the eraser and point without ever getting to the stage where the lead is pre-broken and large chunks fall out.



We don't need many school supplies this year, and it's going to be hard to resist. I plan to get out the paint, glitter glue, sequins, gemstones, and so on later in the summer once the sales start and let the girls glam up basic binders, composition notebooks, pencils, pocket folders, and the like (DD invited a couple of friends to "homeschool" with us this summer, so we've been getting together once a week and doing science, math games, book discussions, crafts, and cooking).

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