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Struggling with Math word problems.

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My name is Stephanie and we are coming back to classical education after venturing into a sort of ecclectic method. My kids were not doing well so we are back. I am experiencing a difficulty with my daughter. She is really struggling with word problems. She has real trouble with figuring out whether she should add, subtract, multipy or divide. She's doing better with the addition and subtraction but still struggles with mulitpying/dividing word problems. Can anyone suggest some suppliments or have any ideas to help her? I'd appreciate any feedback because I'm getting frustrated because I can't seem to help her understand these.




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try Singapore math challenge word problem., but start 1 year or 2 below where her grade level is. SM teaches using bar diagram to sort through the problem


Fan-Math is better at teaching bar diagrams, IMO.

In order not to frustrate kiddo, when we went through this phase, I didn't make him do all the calculations, just set up the problem. When things got tough, I'd put up three choices for bar diagrams on a lap board and let him pick which fit. Then I'd erase the other two, and ask him what numbers in the problem went in which part of the bar. Then I'd have him tell me what we'd have to do to reach the answer. If he told me subtraction, I'd say, "Yes, because when you have a total and one part you use subtraction to find the other part."

I was doing this at age 7, but I think it is important to back track to this level if the child isn't getting it, even if they are 25! ;)

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