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Hello all!


I have a 6 year old (1st grader) who will begins his first year in Classical Conversations in August. I'm still trying to figure all this out.


When do I need to incorporate history (I'm thinking SOTW) into our at-home curriculum? I understand that we will be going over the history timeline in CC, but I was thinking that we may need to supplement that with SOTW. Is this true?


Just to give you a more complete picture, we will also be supplementing with math, phonics, and Bible in addition to possible adding piano (taught by dad), and Spanish. I also have 3 year twins that I will be caring for and "homeschooling". I also have an at home business, so I do have a few concerns about being stretched.


Thanks so much for all your advice and input!

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It's typical to do it in first, BUT if life gets too much, starting it in second is fine too (and some kids aren't ready for it in first).


In first grade, history is gravy. In another year, things may be a bit easier with twin 4 year olds instead of 3 year olds. ;)


Also, you might look into the audio version if you want to do it in first.

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Why not start with the audio version of SOTW, and play it in the car/at night for the kids? we did that this past year with my 4 year olds and 6 year old, and even if we didn't go all out/do activities, they've enjoyed and remember the stories. And ask to listen to them again!

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We used the audio last year during 1st grade and it was awesome! I had a hard pregnancy, some difficulties with dd3 and then we moved. :svengo: The audio is the only reason we did history. It worked so well that I plan to do it the same way next year while hoping to do some projects and extra reading. DD1 loved it and listened to it all the time. She has trouble falling asleep at night and always asks to listen to SOTW even though she has many other things to choose from. I was very surprised to see how much she has retained as we watch documentaries about the time period.

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