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Folk music, Belly Dancers and Captain America

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Yeah, it was a little surreal. I felt like I had walked into one of their weirdo commercials...:001_huh: At first it was fairly within the realm of normal, when we just saw the folk singer as you walked in the door. Within 5 minutes, however, the loud drum beat began. I told my dd, "That sounds like belly dancing music :confused:" She said, "um...mom...there ARE belly dancers". Sure enough, they were dancing in the front of the store :lol:. We were both kind of thinking oookaayyyy. Then we round the corner, and there stands a guy in a Captain America suit. (not nearly as buff as the real one, I might add). Cheap entertainment for us today.:tongue_smilie:Well, I guess not really since I bought clothes for 4 females!

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