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Violin moms, what upgraded models can you recommend?

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We have been doing the student model Hoffman violins from Shar at around $150 and trading up but we'd like to upgrade to a better quality instrument - without excessively breaking the bank.


I'm thinking $400 maximum, including bow, is what we can currently afford.


Is there a step up that is of good quality for a 1/2 size violin for that price?

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We went to a local violin shop that my son's teacher recommended when he was ready to move up a size. But, our teacher is also highly complimentary of Shar Music. I would suggest just talking to them and letting them know your price range. They will send you violins to test, and you can make a decision with the help of your child's teacher. I know people who have sent numerous violins, bows, etc back and forth with Shar until they found just the right one.


LauraD in MN

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Has a review for buying violins online. It is an old article but was very

helpful when I bought my daughter's full-sized violin a couple of years



Of course, the prices of these violins have gone up but you can get a

good idea of brands, etc. For a 1/2 size I certainly wouldn't spend too

much. I spent around $900 for the 3/4 size and it was a pretty decent

violin. I got both the 1/2 and 3/4 from Southwest Strings online.



I got her full-sized violin from Mark Edwards and was very happy with

it. Some people are pretty snooty about violin brands but if it sounds good, I say, you don't have to spend a fortune. I also liked Mark Edwards shipping policy because you can end up paying $50 or more one way for shipping. Many dealers will take trade-ins if you purchased from them before so consider that too.



Hope this helps.

Laurie in CA

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