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If you have used either BJU or Abeka for Highschool

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w/o the DVD's for you child. I am trying to decided which one to use for my upcoming highschooler. Between BJU and Abeka, which is less work for the parent? I am trying to get my highschooler to be more independent. So which curriculum has the least teacher prep/teaching time.

She want to use textbooks. This is her decision...

We are using TT for math so that is not an issue

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Is it imperative that you use the same publisher for all the subjects?


For US History, we've enjoyed BJU's student book with Hewitt Homeschooling's syllabus. It is very student led with little teacher involvement. They have a similar syllabus for World History utilizing Streams of Civilization published by Christian Liberty Press.




For English, between BJU & ABeka, I prefer ABeka for self-teaching. Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling is another excellent choice for a self-led learner.


For Science, of the two you name, ABeka would again be my choice for self-teaching. But Apologia would probably be the best choice as it was written with the intent that the student could use it mostly on their own.



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We don't have to use either for all subjects, but my husband wants us to use either or both of abeka or bju....


I don't want any gaps. Ive done my own curriculum in the past and I feel like I just want textbook approach this time to ensure I have all things covered

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