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Math facts help needed for 8 year old

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Almost 8. Anyway, he is a very math bright kid. He has always 'got' math very very quickly. So why won't he learn his math facts? He'd rather count up Every. Single. Time, instead of just memorizing them. And memorizing isnt a problem. He can and does memorize many many things (entire dialogues of movies/jokes/ etc) but won't memorize his math facts. He has learned many of his addition and subtraction just by virtue of repetition...and that is what many of you here recommended..just keep plodding forward and he would learn them in spite of himself. Now though we are into division (3rd grade K12 math) and well, it is really slowing him down that he doesn't know his multiplication tables.


So! Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to learn them? Tricks/bribes/threats...I'll listen to anything.

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I have been reading about right brain teaching techniques. You teach by showing pictures of information that you want memorized. So, in the case of math facts you get or make those triangular flash cards that show the 3,2 and 5 for addition and 4,2 and 8 for multiplication. By looking at and studying the cards, and then quizzing while giving peaks at the entire card, kids store the entire chunk of information in long term memory. Left brain thinkers claim this is "cheating", but if it works - who cares!

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