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sullen dd

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Talk to her. Gently. Tell her something like this, "I've noticed you looking rather sad sometimes. Is there anything you want to talk about? Is there any way I can help?" And then take her seriously and help her work through whatever is bothering her, even if it seems minor to you (an adult with years more experience).

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By sullen do you mean "bad attitude" or do you mean "sad"? To me, there is a BIG difference. I almost always know why my kids have a bad attitude, because it usually involves a consequence to poor behavior. Sad is different, and I'd be more concerned about it.


Either way, I think you need to talk to her about what she's feeling and why, and help her with it.

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To me sullen means bad attitude. I've got one that sours up occasionally, we've already had the "can I do anything" talk, and she's just......sullen sometimes. She's older than yours, 14, but at this point she has to be sullen in her room til she gets over it.

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