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Kid activities needed for Independence Day cookout

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We're having a cookout on Independence Day, followed by fireworks at the park. What kinds of activities to you plan for children at cookouts? Unfortunately, water play won't work this time. Any other suggestions will be much appreciated!

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We just provide lots of different balls, frisbees, sidewalk chalk, bikes, kites...


:iagree: depends on the ages of kids, too. When "the cousins" in our family get together (there are 21 from adults to tots), the older preschooler,elementary set tends to dictate the terms of the fantasy games and they manage to rope the older ones into being their horses, dragons, etc.


Badmitton or volleyball are nice for older kids if you have a net.

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When the kids were all little, we had a "mom calling" contest at our church picnic.


All the moms are blindfolded and stand on one side of a yard. Kiddos on the other. At the signal, the kids star calling "Mom!" and you have to identify your child(ren) by their bellowing for you. It was hysterical! And of course all the moms managed to do it. First one to correctly locate her own kids wins. :lol:

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