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Biblioplan - MOH?

Bula Mama

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I've been reading old threads and am thinking that Biblioplan may be a fit for our family now but I have questions:


First of all, I was planning on using MOH this coming year for Medieval, etc, and see that Biblio. now schedules this as well. Is anyone using that as the spine instead of SOTW? I like SOTW but my older dc have already used it. I wonder how much it would use of MOH III or if purchasing that really wouldn't be cost effective?


Also, why in particular is it called BIBLIOplan? Is it because of the Biblical content of the books or does it draw from the Bible as well? Just curious!


Any testimonials of how Biblio. has worked for families with multiple ages like mine?

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I've used the first three years of Biblioplan and about to use the fourth. Biblioplan schedules SOTW as well as Kingfisher, Usborne, and a few other "spines" depending on the year you are in. The Bible is scheduled in the Ancients year but I think the name comes from Biblio and "book" as it is really a book schedule. Biblioplan also expands on certain aspects of history that SOTW on its own really falls short, like the Reformation.

One tip, if you have younger students, don't try to do everything listed in Biblioplan or you will get overwhelmed. I am reserving Kingfisher for the logic stage, as well as the Greenleaf guides which are awesome but too much for the grammar stage, IMO.

The historical fiction read-alouds have been great and this past year we really enjoyed Hakim's US History and A Child's Story of History which are scheduled in Biblioplan too. I usually read most of it while the kids are coloring activitiy pages from SOTW or eating a meal.

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Thanks for the great reply! Really appreciate it.


I'm still wondering if it's possible to do using MOH as the spine but I may have to ask the authors since MOH III has just come out so probably no one has done the second level that way!

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