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android app for gps?

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My 16yo has a Samsung Replenish which uses the Android marketplace.


She has the worst sense of direction of anybody that I have ever met. She could probably get lost in a paper bag.


Her phone has a map button that will locate her on it. I'm looking for an app that will give her verbal directions to the location she punches in as she drives.


We have a Garmin Nuvi GPS, but it does not work well at all. It takes forever to acquire the satellites (sometimes as long as 30 minutes) and it doesn't give you options for the route or show you the whole route. You just have to drive along blindly following the directions it gives until you arrive at your destination (or not).


Any idea of a good app that will give good verbal directions, especially one that will show you multiple routes and then let you pick which one you want to follow?

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Google Maps/Nav will give turn-by-turn directions for both car and walking, as well as public transit mapping and scheduling.

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Thanks. I'll look for it in the android store.


She's coming along really well with her driving, but she is terrified that she will get horribly lost once she has her license because she just can NOT remember anything relating to a map.


At least she has gotten better about figuring out left and right (actually have an "R" taped to the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel).


She has been making the 30 minute drive to and from her cc class 2x/week for several weeks now, but she still has to ask which way to turn at two of the intersections and there are only six of them altogether.

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Are you sure it isn't already on the phone? Since Android Play goes through Google, almost all Android phones I have seen have it already on the phone. It is on my phone as Maps.


I was thinking the same. Just go to your apps on the phone, find "maps", and there it is. You might already have an icon to click on - mine did.

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