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Math question for a future engineer.

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I'm guessing that the VT isn't used by many here as I don't see it mentioned much. I did a quick google, and found this older thread. It may help, but it sounds like you've already decided. :)




All I would have been able to say is that we've found Saxon to be excellent, but we haven't used any of the DVD programs for the math. There's loads of threads on Saxon as far as the pros and cons.


You don't mention how old your future engineer is, but if he's at the "usual" algebra age, I'd be concerned to find a program that is rigorous enough. In a thread from 2010, it was mentioned that the pre-algebra topics were covered in the VT algebra. If this student is much younger, then going with what he likes could be fine as you can always follow up with a more rigorous program later as fitting it all in isn't such a concern.

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As an engineer who had a completely lousy Algebra 1 experience, I wanted to chime in. I was able to make up for the lack of foundation by having a really good Algebra 2 teacher, and also retaking trig and College Algebra at university before going on to calculus. That said, engineering involves algebra at almost every step. Someone weak in the basic skills of algebra will struggle tremendously in any engineering program.


Your ds needs to master algebra, whichever program you use. If you can swing it, I would consider having another Algebra text on hand for reinforcement and checking. Can he do the problems in the other text after covering the material in your chosen program? Another thing to consider: Have him do Life of Fred Algebra in addition to his regular work. It's not very time consuming, explains things in an entertaining way, and is very self-motivating. For a real challenge, try the Alcumus problems on the Art of Problem Solving website. Don't be afraid to start with Pre-Algebra topics--many are plenty challenging.


Best wishes to your future engineer.

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