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Favorite Homeschooling Catalogs


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I know, you can see everything online, but I love browsing the pages of a catalog. I'm new to homeschooling so I have just discovered the joy of homeschooling curriculum catalogs. So far the ones I have gotten are:

Home Science Tools - had to talk myself out of buying a rock pick for my five year old after browsing this one.

Timberdoodle - I have a Christmas wish list of all the cool extras

Dick Blick - if only my little guy had any interest at all in art

And I have a request in for Rainbow Resources but haven't gotten it yet.


What are your favorite catalogs for homeschool?

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I love going through catalogs! Here's a few I enjoy:

Acorn Naturalist


Sonlight (I'm not Christian, but I've found some great books I might have missed otherwise)


Winter Promise


Museum Tour


Veritas Press


Montessori Services


A Child's Dream Come True


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These are the ones I keep and read and reread:


Veritas Press

Memoria Press

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Classical Conversations (even though we don't participate in a group)



These aren't really homeschool related but I love them too:


Fat Brain Toys


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I found a new one from a Pinterest link.


Amazing stuff to teach lots of the sciences, focusing on hands on projects rather than curriculum. I noticed their catalog doesn't include pricing for individual students, rather in lots of 25 or 100, but the website had everything I looked at where you could buy just one of the kits. I was flipping through their online catalog saying, "I want that...and that...and that..."

I can't wait for a hard copy so I can dog ear pages and circle things.

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I love the Sonlight catalog!! So colorful and I love all the photos of the great books & photos of homeschoolers is really encouraging to me for some reason.


And the CBD (Christian Book Distributors) homeschool catalog! I love the little blurbs and descriptions about the homeschool curriculum. I think they send you one automatically if you order curriculum from them.

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  • 4 months later...

just found this thread and ordered a bunch of catalogs I didn't have! Thanks!!


My favorites:


Rainbow Resource

Queens Homeschool

Sonlight (the book lists alone are great!)

veritas press

Beautiful feet books




These are the ones I go back to again and again :)

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Veritas - great book ideas and they now match prices.


CBD- I like how they include so much variety.


Rainbow's Christmas Catalog- this has tons of good old fashions fun and very affordable too!


Timberdoodle used to be my favorite but not any more. Too gimmicky and expensive now. ?


Honestly, for homeschooling, the library has become such a major source of education for us and I use the Internet so much for book ideas (mostly the 1000 good books list) that catalogs just don't have the appeal anymore.

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I love CBD Home school to see what is available. Andreola reviews are helpful too.

CBD Children's for gifts


I love Veritas to see Grade levels: Especially 6th-12th


I love Memoria Press for the articles


IEW has some good articles in their newsletter/ catalogs


And I like Sonlight for more book lists: especially K-6th


My Father's World has some good books listed too ( Patricia St. John's are loved in my house!)


Love To Learn for toys and games


Rainbow's site is easier for me than the huge catalog..especially now that it works better. I have made myself look through it a few times. I can't do that now.

Rainbow's Christmas catalog is good too. I just usually get it late.


I almost forgot Classical Conversations catalog and site.

The Moody books are great!


I usually make my list and order from some catalogs if there is free or low shipping.


Still, some of the best deals I have ever gotten were right here, FaceBook, and Amazon.com

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Memoria Press, hands down. Great articles.


Rod and Staff, though I know their stuff inside and out, I still love to get the new one when it is time to order for the next year. No great articles or anything . I just love their product.


Sonlight. I like the pictures and stories of the real familes, though I don't use anything from it.

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