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Our little runt kitten

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We have a litter of kittens that will be 6 weeks old on Saturday. When they were 2 1/2 weeks old DD-8 found one that wasn't moving and was limp. We brought him in the house and have nursed him back to health but he is still significantly smaller than the other kittens. He eats well, is fiesty but still has funny balance and walks funny. He is going to be our inside kitten (even though DH said we can't keep one when they were born...my how things change :lol:) His name is Stevie Wonder. When we first brought him in, he had the newborn hazy look to his eyes and my sister thought he was blind. I said we will call him Stevie because it will be a Wonder if he lives through this. His is living through fine, but small.



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my oldest cat Blackie (12 in July)_ and my youngest Cali (2 in July) are the runts. Blackie is my most gentle and Cali , well she is NOT my most gentle.They are both very tiny even now as adults. Cali is very feisty and bosses all the other cats around, she is fearless. She looks like your little one except she has a smidge of orange on her. Hope your little runt does well.


forgot to tell you that your little runt looks cute

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We had a little runt kitten, too. He was a stray, but we'd been feeding the mother cat, so she brought the whole litter to live under our deck. The littlest one wasn't looking good and needed surgery at 4 weeks old, and when he came out of the surgery, the vet said he was already the runt of the litter, and because of his health issues, would probably never attain his full size. We kept him in the house and spoiled him rotten.


He grew to be absolutely huge -- almost 30 pounds and not fat -- and my dh and I often used to comment on what his "full size" would have been. :D

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