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Miss Marple

? about departmental tour

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Ds received a favorable reply from Texas about a possible transfer into their nuclear engineering (radiological health physicist) degree. We were shocked that he received a reply in less than 2 hours (maybe they are bored down there this summer :) ) It looks like he would head there for the spring of 2013. But he would like to go down there to meet/greet/tour etc before making a commitment. We also know that there is a program in Missouri which is a bit closer, but not rated as highly.


We have never done this before :D For both boys, they opted to go to the state univ. because it was the one with the available degrees they wished to pursue. So they just did the basic freshman tour.


How does one go about requesting a more specialized tour? It that a weird thing to request when one is just an undergraduate? The tour would have to be in the summer so there probably wouldn't be any classes in which he could participate.


Also he was told that if he were to get a scholarship (transfer, departmental) from Texas, he would automatically get in-state tuition. So while I wouldn't balk at begging ;), I don't think it would look too good; so how does one go about working toward that other than just filled out the application?


Any thoughts, guidance, types of questions he/we should ask, what to wear, who should go, etc would be appreciated.

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