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Tell me about ear tubes....especially ear tubes for adults

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I am starting antibiotics for yet another ear infection.


I have a hard time keeping fluid out of my ears, despite being on nasal sprays + antihistamines on a daily basis.


I caught a cold from a cute but sick child who sat in front of me at church on Sunday. Today I have a sinus infection and another ear infection. I get infections nearly every time I catch a cold...


My general practitioner suggested it was time to go to an ENT....most likely for tubes.


Oh, and I'm 12 wks pregnant....


Advice? Experiences? Things I should read up on?

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I don't have any advice or experience with tubes for adults- but I was surprised to learn they use them for adults. I never knew they did that!


Being sick is no fun but especially when you're pregnant! Hope you feel better soon!


And maybe this bump will bring out folks who have experience with them.

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I had a tube put in one of my ears about two years ago. It lasted six months before falling out. Before that, my eardrum had ruptured three times in a six month time frame. (OUCH!)


The ent did it in his office. He used a drop of numbing stuff on my eardrum that stung for a second and then put in the tube. After putting the drop of numbing stuff, I couldn't feel anything, but I heard some weird strange sounds as the tube went in. My ent said some docs would insert the tubes without numbing medication (and I'd read some internet horror stories about those), so I would definitely ask if they numb it first. Apparently some docs think the numbing stuff hurts as much as the cut, so why numb it? But, the ent that did mine had to work for a while to get the tube in, so I was thankful it was numb.


He gave me a prescription for valium if I wanted to take one before going to get the tube put in. I didn't take it because I was nursing at the time (and even though it would have been okay to take, I wanted to avoid meds if I didn't need them completely).


I definitely think you'd be fine to have it done pregnant... since the numbing med only goes on your eardrum, there is nothing to get in your system. I was a bit dizzy afterwards, but nothing extreme. They did tell me to have someone there to drive me home.


Overall, I was really worried about it, but it wasn't a big deal. They can put you under for the procedure, but I don't think that's necessary at all. I haven't had any ear infections since the tube. I am almost a year overdue for a checkup with the ent, though. Oops.

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