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Latina christiana or First Form for 5th? Henle for 7th.

Amy in KS

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She's in 5th and I see MP recommends students new to Latin can do FF in fifth. I don't want her to feel overwhelmed, though. She'll be doing Henle in 7th in Classical Conversations. Which would do? She did Prima two years ago, but things got crazy this year with moving and we didn't do Latin.



5th/CL, 6th/FF, 7th Henle or

5th/FF, 6th/FF2, 7th Henle

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FF would replace some of Henle (IIRC, the first quarter?), although it doesn't have as much translation as Henle. From reading around here, I get the impression that LC is boring and not particularly efficient. Between LC and FF, I'd definitely choose FF.


Since Henle has no prerequisites - that is, it was written for students who have had no prior Latin - you might consider doing no Latin in 5th grade, and doing GSWL for the second half of 6th grade before starting Henle in 7th. That is probably what I would do in this situation (my dd started Henle in the end of 4th gr following GSWL). GSWL is all about grammar and translation, similar in learning philosophy to Henle. We found GSWL to be the perfect intro for easing into Henle.

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