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Another American History ?, please bear with me.


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It is looking like we will definitely be doing Am History/government this coming year. We found The Drama of American History series at a library, and ds really likes them, but I wonder if they are a bit easy for him.


We also have Us Government Democracy in Action, which I was told is a very good text used for many 8th grade classes. I am still looking over this book, but like the idea of introducing ds to Text book style learning in preparation for future classes he may take either online or at a CC.


For those of you who have used the Drama in History Series as a spine, what did your course look like? How long did it take. Ds is 13, a very avid reader, and self proclaimed History buff. I am wondering if he will simply fly through these books, as he has with all previous History we have done. What ideas do you have for me to add to these books to make this class a government class, as well as History?


Has anyone used the second book? Please, tell me anything you can about it. The good, the bad, the ugly.


I a actually considering, allowing Ds to read through the first series now, over the summer, and having him check out extra reading related to the different topics. Then using the second book over the school year. It seems this is what DS wants, but I want to make sure I utilize these books in the best manner.


I have never had such a hard time making a decision about History, so please share any and all ideas. Anything I can do to make it really challenging. This is my kid who reads my other dc's History books for fun, and is always looking up something related to History. His free reading books are almost always Biographies, or something else History related, and he seems to know so much about World History in general already, that I think a deep study of American History and Government will be a good thing for him. Also, I do not want to be planning a second History course mid year because my little smarty pants worked ahead, finished every reading assignment, HW assignment, and essay, and wants to know what's next.:tongue_smilie:


Thanks you so much for reading my rants.



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