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Itouch - can you put a dvd on there??

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There are a couple of things you can do:


1) Rent a movie from iTunes and download it to the touch (easy but costs the rental fee)


2) Buy the movie from iTunes and download it to the touch (easy but costs the fee of the movie)


3) Rip the movie you own to your computer and then transfer it over to the touch. You need software on your computer to capture the dvd to the computer, then you upload it to itunes and then sync the touch to itunes which will transfer the movie to the touch. Make sure there is enough space on the touch as movies take up a bit of space. There are ways to do for free by downloading free software. I have a Mac and I use Mac specific software to rip and transfer. I haven't done it for a while but I could try to walk you through it if you want. If you have a PC you will need software that will work on the PC. There are also pay-for programs out there which would be easier and faster to rip and transfer, but I try to do things like this for free as much as I can. If you do a google search on "how to rip a movie to computer or itunes" you will find programs and you tube videos that will walk you through it.

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