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Suggestions to raise Potassium levels?

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Blood work this week revealed a low Potassium count. 2.7 and normal is above 3.2

(Can I use that for an excuse for messing up my haircut appointment this week?)


Dr. has given me two weeks to raise the number thru diet. I am not eating wheat, yeast, dairy, potatoes and sugar.

Avocados and Blueberries are already here. Bananas have been too ripe at Costoc the past few weeks, so I haven't had any, but plan to look again this weekend when I head out shopping.

Any other suggestions?

And seriously, how much of these foods does it take to raise levels?

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Orange juice. Drink it by the gallon. Prune juice, cantaloupe, mango, kiwi and raisins. Papayas have super high potassium. Bananas are a great source. Mush all the fruit and juice together with some vanilla yogurt and ice in a blender and you have a high potassium smoothie. Drink several throughout the day and that will help.


It's actually somewhat difficult to raise potassium levels through diet alone. Generally they want to get the numbers up pretty quickly, so they give you a prescription potassium supplement. These are dangerous drugs, so they must be taken exactly as prescribed and locked away from the kiddos. They are very effective though, and your numbers will rise within a week or two. Another blood test is usually taken at two to three weeks after the drugs to check your levels again.


Does the doctor know why your potassium is low? Are you diabetic or do you have kidney problems? Are you taking a diruetic for high blood pressure? That is the number one reason for low potassium. If you're on hydrocholrothiazide, ask them to get you the one with triamterene added. That will stop the potassium loss.


If you experience muscle cramping, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue or weakness, contact your doctor immediately. Potassium levels below 2.5 can be life threatening. Do not take any potassium supplements without consulting your doctor. High potassium (above 5.0) is even more life threatening.

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Thank you Diane!

I do take a diuretic ( 3 years now and my levels have been low normal during that time.) It is not the one you listed, but I will discuss that with him if the levels are still low in two weeks.

He is running more tests in two weeks and those will inclue kidney function tests.

I have had several episodes of severe muscle cramps in my leg and now I know why.

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Sorry, saw you are on a diuretic.


I am still surprised he didnt give you a prescription for potassium as that level is quite low.

And you certainly do not want an IV with potassium as it burns like heck.


Avocados are the best when it comes to potassium.


As the above poster mentioned, if you feel lightheaded, or you are having heart palps, I would go to the ER.


Best wishes.

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Dancer thank you for your response. He mentioned meds, but said to work on diet, and the recheck, is for 2 weeks. I got that he was concerned, but wanted to try alternatives first. He always wants to try alternatives first before meds if there is wiggle room to do so. I do appreciate that in him.

He is a wonderful Christian man who prayed with me before I left.


If it comes back low again, I will definately discuss a different diuretic before going on another med.

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